Studio rules
  • The beginning and the end time of the session is strictly limited with the booked time slot. In case extra time is needed for preparation and/or cleaning up, please consider booking accordingly. Should the session eventually run out, we charge 35 Euro excl. VAT per extra half hour.

  • All the props and equipment may be used in both studios. The studios should be left in the same condition as entered.

  • Shoes are not allowed on the Cyclorama. Only the model can wear (non-marking/taped) shoes. The footprints must be wiped immediately upon the session. In case the Cyclorama is left marked and needs to be repainted, the renter is responsible for the costs.

  • Do not stand, run, sit, etc. on the curve of the Cyc wall. It is hollow and won’t support weight.

  • The renter of the photo studio is liable for damage and theft of all equipment, utensils and props made available during his booked slot. The damage caused by the tenant will be charged.

  • Anything potentially messy must be approved. Glitter is prohibited. Messy examples are body painting, water, mud, oil, snow, etc. Additional cleaning fees may apply.