creative 125 sq.m studio

Hourly rent

The centrepiece of the studio is a big 5x5x3,5 m white cyclorama which is perfect both for crispy clean catalogue and lookbook shots as well as for creative photography with gel filters, gobos, beamer, smoke machine, wind, laser projector (check our equipment).

Next to it, there is a concrete wall matching the grey floor as a minimalist background, the classic white wall and 3 white cubes of 35x35x120, 40x40X75, 50x50x50.

The citadel of creativity

The light goes in through the 3,5 m high window, forming beautiful shadows on the concrete wall and the cyclorama on a sunny afternoon (starting from 15:00). Feel free to control the amount of light in the studio with the help of the blinds or blackout curtains.

The studio also features a chill out area with teal relief walls and eco leather couch (also a photo zone), a black corner with several iconic furniture pieces for some moody shots, a pantry, a spacious and mobile (!) make up zone with 2 seats.
Huge windows and chill out area
Feel free to use mix and match the props. Want to build your own set or have another creative idea? Whatever it is, we will help to bring it to life.
Stylish and versatile
floor plan cyclorama
All our furniture and props are easy to roll/carry multifunctional mix&match, plug&play objects that you’re welcome to use, combine, switch between the studios or remove (upon request).