daylight photo studio

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It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like ...
Tastefully decorated Loft is turned into a Christmas fairy tale for the best memories of the year. And like all our props, it is flexible and can be adjusted for every shoot and event (you know, we love to offer personal approach).

In case you don't want any festive decor, it will be removed out of the frame. In no time you'll get daily beautiful Loft. And afterwards we place it back.

As a Christmas present to our Dear Clients, no extra fees are applied for using or removing the decorations.
A multifaceted studio with unique two stylish levels
The studio is filled with the most flattering scattered daylight from sunrise till sunset due to the 3 m high windows on the front and the wide roof window that goes along the whole studio.

It is a huge area of 185 sq.m that includes a fully operating kitchen, a dining area, a fireplace, a cozy hanging chair, flexible lounge, a big balcony facing the riverside (amazing shooting spot!) and a huge banana plant.
A unique place to photograph or film your heroes from above. Next to it, you’ll find a luxury limestone bathroom with a bathtub and a walk-in shower, also available for wet/beauty shoots.

The stairs lead to upper level with a convertible bedroom

The studio is designed to be as versatile as possible, making the interior fresh and adjustable for each session.
Flexible and playful
floor plan the loft
All our furniture and props are easy to roll/carry multifunctional mix&match, plug&play objects that you’re welcome to use, combine, switch between the studios or remove (upon request).

Want to build your own set or have another creative idea? Whatever it is, we will help to bring it to life.